Monday, November 20, 2006
The printer.. expanded
like my printer??? it is very cool! I printed the whole of the little sample pack of paper upside down so it just goes to show you should read instructions.

I was 1/2 through installing my printer and somehow I was displaced by Michael!! 1/2 the joy was installing it you know, I had moved everything and dusted and prepapred the surface and he took over!! ruined it for me it did, just ruined it!

I did get even though, I took the printer out of the box and when Michael was reading the book he asked where the cassette to print on disc's was, well I hadn't seen it so after much much badgering I made him call the store to ask.. and what do you know it was there in the box all the time!

The printer is lovely and quiet and the photos are fantastic, now I just have to get in the mood to scrap. I've been asked to do an album class so I need to get to and make a sample. Alec is home from kindy today, he had a temp of 38.5 but seems to have bounced back, I'm hoping Riley's test comes back negative for measels now his rash has gone so we wont be house bound any longer!
Blogger Carole Janson said...
Wow, Alli I sooooo need a new printer, and that one you have sounds lovely. Have fun.