Saturday, September 29, 2007
a child funny and a share
so I am tidying the studio and decided to drag out the vacuum cleaner, Alec and Riley both took turns and as we pack away the vacuum cleaner Riley says -

Who is coming???

Michael and I both laughed, it is pretty sad when you child associates cleaning with visitors LOL

On the scrapping front, well I am making lots but I can't share as it is for the Buzz and Bloom display at the
Melbourne Paperific Expo Trade Event :: Fri 12th Oct 1pm-7pm
The Pavilion, Waterfront City, Docklands... so that is exciting, me and DT girls are playing with all the yummy new stamps and chipboard.

What I can share is one of my classes at the Scrappin' Outback
Wave Rock Retreat which is 19th – 21st of October 2007.. apart from that I am having a home day with Riley and Michael is off to the Perth Royal Agricultural show with Alec
Sunday, September 23, 2007
random thoughts
  • at 4pm every day my ipod turns itself on
  • I let gamers violate my sanctuary.. it's very noisy now
  • I can only hear the clock on my desk ticking when I sit at the computer, not when I sit a foot away from it
  • I haven't cleaned my stove for 3 weeks
  • or my house
  • I have done washing, when I remember, otherwise Michael lets me know when he has done a load
  • my favourite sheets have a hole in them
  • there is a piano in my bedroom... for some reason
  • I want to know where MY weekend went
  • I am so glad this is the last week of term
  • I will have to clean my house next weekend, mum is coming over!
Thursday, September 20, 2007
a warm happy feeling
Thank you Lissy and Sharon for sharing my birthday with me, as usual great company and great conversation.
Monday, September 17, 2007
opps..I forgot you were here
I've been plagued with tonsillitis for 6 weeks now, it got so bad that I picked up a few secondary infections and felt particularly revolting. I am on round two of antibiotics but it is still holding on tight.

I have been trying to keep up with my daily somethings, I really like this because until Sunday I hadn't done a layout for 6 weeks and was starting to despair. These have kept me recording what is happening. I'm finding I am doing the little things that I wouldn't usually scrap but in this format it works really well. I decided to go totally digital because it was just easier in the beginning now I am liking how they look and it has also made me look more closely at my photography skills or should I say lack of.. but these are helping me think more about what I want to represents and convey with my photos.

Apart from that, bracing myself for 41, just a bit of a shrug day this year, loved turning 40, it seems to be a liberating age, well as liberating as you can get with two babes under 6, doing my class samples for the Wave Rock Scrapbooking Retreat in October, then I have to get Buzz and Bloom samples ready for the grand unveiling at the Melbourne Paperific Expo Trade Event, so the whole design team are locked away creating, you will love the new range!

Then there is Sharon Manning, she has taken the big step and opened her own site selling kits, good luck Sharon I know you will do well!

Okay.. back to the salt mines..I mean studio, more samples to create and yummy things to play with..

until next time!

Friday, September 07, 2007
When I dream...
I imagine I am a giraffe playing with my giraffe friends.

This morning was the pre primary assembly and the theme was imagination. My little giraffe was amazing. It has been such a huge week for us, Alec went on his first class excursion, I so so wanted to tag along but I knew I had to let him go alone it isn't like his aide can't handle anything, but you know what he was fine!

The past 12 months have seen some amazing developments with Alec. The work everyone has done including Alec because if he hadn't been receptive to our crazy schedule none of it would have happened, has been amazing. We have had a few fall down on the spot meltdowns this week but we are approaching the end of term so he is very tired, but I am just so proud of him.
Monday, September 03, 2007
The Evil Emperorr Zurg
Unable to defeat his arch enemy Buzz Lightyear, evil emperor Zurg has no choice but to hang in his fly wire prison for eternity
flywire prison
Sunday, September 02, 2007
playing with photoshop
another week and no layouts, I have been exploring flickr and I have found lots o clever people, I sourced the textures for these altered images from NinianLif then I just had a play and this is what I came up with. Click on the images for a larger version.
photo by Matt O'Donaghue alterations by me

harbour side
I photo I took while in Sydney last year, it looks so first settler except for the opera house in the background.

This is Riley with a photo from some Mangrove type trees in Manly with a texture over the top