Wednesday, May 30, 2007
recovery mode
we are beset by colds and aches and pains right now, last weekend the whole family were unwell this week Alec has had a relapse, I had to go and pick him up from school, poor baby was curled up on a mat on the floor when I arrived. Michael is still coughing and my tonsils are up and ouchie.. Riley is just fine!

So there are just over 3 weeks and a few days until the autism crop, that sent me into a bit of a panic this morning, I really really want to sell the last 30 tickets!

and look at this!!! Lissy and I will be doing the raffles and prize packs on the weekend from all of this!!! and there is more on the way, once again I am just amazed at how generous everyone has been.
Monday, May 28, 2007
from another perspective
I have been so lucky this last week. My gorgeous friend Ali watched Alec on Wednesday and Thursday so I could help Carole Janson at the Quilt and Craft fair. Carole is just gorgeous, sweet, down to earth very real and very amazingly good at what she does. I know if I wanted a product to be showcased and promoted I would ask Carole to do it for me.

So Wednesday and Thursday were whirlwind busy, Friday night Lis, Sharon and I took Carole out for dinner. Something we never get to do enough. It was great that I was able to meet and spend time with Carole, Saturday and Sunday we scrapped at the fair. It worked well, everyone was able to see how it was done and we had the chance to sit down.

So here are three examples of what you can do with sheets of paper! Carole took me under her wing and with her guidance I had an amazing amount of fun and learnt some new things and was just happy to help out and spend time together. Sunday was hard, waving good bye.

Sunday, May 27, 2007
The last day of the fair
Last day of the craft fair today :( I have had such a wonderful time helping Carole, Friday night we met up with Lissy and Sharon and went out for dinner and then dropped by Scraptivate for a little late night shopping.
Friday, May 25, 2007
Quilt and craft Fair.. Carole Janson.. fun!!
Well where have I been you ask.. I've been helping Carole Janson out at the Perth quilt and craft fair!! Carole is just gorgeous and my phone camera doesn't do the display any justice at all, it is stunning. Carole has drummed up so much interest that people have been coming just to see her display, it is gorgeous and so is she!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007
some pages and autism crop day album
The girls have started sending in their pages for the Helping Hand autism crop day album raffle they are just fantastic so go and have a look HERE

I did these last week, everyone has been sick here so not much of anything is going on. I'm at the craft fair at the Perth Convention Centre this week helping out Carole Janson so that will be fun!
Friday, May 18, 2007
Buzz and Bloom new chipboard
To see the full range go HERE
It is an amazing range of the yummiest chipboard, I can see it bringing a whole new dimension to all kinds of paper arts, the range is definatly full of unique patterns and designs. Here are a few samples I did while Helene and Devorah were getting the collection together.

Thursday, May 17, 2007
Everything I'm not
I am watching Oprah.. something I never do but I just feel so blah, so today's guest is Colin Cowie, this man is everything I'm not, he is organised (ok slightly obsessivly organised but I could live with that)My walk in cupboard looks pretty much as it did three years ago when we moved in and just stood and threw things in and this man has a little plastic board to fold his jumpers with and I pull things our of the basket and give them a shake.

What is wrong with me!!
Sunday, May 13, 2007
A Helping Hand - Autism Crop Day Album
Once again we are doing an album to raffle at the crop day. Each lovely lady makes a single or double page with room for the winner to add photos and journalling, this year the following ladies are contributing -

Libby Morris
Janine Kaye
Tracy Wyldman
Justine Quinlivan
Charmane Koch
Lis Cassey
Aida Haron
Jen Hall
Nic Finlayson
Carole Janson
Julie Love
Suze Doyle
Mistra Hoolahan
Sharon Manning
Marion Werren

Thank you ladies, I can see another amazing album coming together again this year.

and this is the album I have made for the pages, I used Donna Downey's directions from the stamp folder she made, so far it looks as though it will work out nicely.
Friday, May 11, 2007
I'm having fun with little squares of paper again. Lissy put me on to these cropper hopper scrap sorters, very cute, so when I went to cut up more bits of paper I went for a single colour... black. Only problem is that was my last cigar box, I will have to get some more as they are just the right size for birthday cards.
Thursday, May 10, 2007
You know you have dropped the ball when....
you have to do a full wash load of undies.

It's been a busy week, what is it Thursday? think I better actually cook a meal tonight too!

I'm loving my studio, it has lots of light and a nice view with nice tree and bird noises from outside. Not doing any layouts but doing lots of creating, I have a few commissioned bits and pieces to do and I'm still covering stuff with little bits of paper, getting much joy from that at the moment. At this rate I will use up all my scraps.

Michael and I did the last of the coffee grinding and bagging yesterday at Fiori's, such fantastic people, everyone has been wonderful!

Lastly Alec has been selected for a feeding program, yay! fingers crossed we can get him eating a few more foods.

A Riley update.

Distaster struck at 8:10am Tuesday our ailing alternator finally gave up on us, this threw the whole day into turmoil. We were all in the car, Alec was off to school then I was dropping Michael and Riley at the train station so he could go and spend the day with mum and dad, usually it wouldn't have been a problem Michael could bring him home, but he had to stay back late. So now Riley is staying with me, Alec is going to school all day and wont be going to his centre session and Michael is dropping the car off before going to work.

Amongst all this Riley is upset he can't go to Mutt's and Kim's, I can wide my bike to Mutt's and Kim's daddy, i can and you can come too. This made mum and dad feel great and it made me smile, the poor wee thing, mum and dad are 44 km away!
Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Coffee for a Cause
has been an amazing success!!! The coffee is roasted and the payment slips are going out this week, we have had one family order... wait for it

$810 worth of coffee!!!!!!!!!!
That is just so amazing!!

So my house smells wonderful, full of bags of freshly roasted coffee.

Not only did we have the original coffee donated by the coffeesnobs but last night Kamran and Louise called and said they were donating the extra 25kg of beans they roasted. So for the coffee drive we are going to come in pretty close to $1800 with expenses of only $150 for bags and labels.

I'm hoping that with the crop day and the coffee drive combined we can reach our target of $8224.60
Monday, May 07, 2007
From Trash to Treasure for the trash
Now I have a new studio I though it was a good time to get rid of my ugly rubbish bin, as you can see it is mauve and on the other side the picture of some very ugly iris' is 1/2 pulled off, but then I remembered the box I covered when Donna Downey put out a trash to treasure challenge, well why couldn't my bin be transformed too?

Ta daaaaaaaaaaaaa I love my bin now!!! it was so easy as I had all the paterned paper already cut from the last challenge! I am loving my bin!

Sunday, May 06, 2007
The Studio
Finally it is done! I have moved in and next week we will have an electritian come and put in downlights and move the cable for the computer and put in a few more power points!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007
I went back to basics yesterday, it has been so long since I scrapped like this. I got my first issue of Simple Scrapbooks yesterday, I really like it. So I saw a great page by CathyZ, her page was 4 squares, photo, pp, cardstock, journaling and a title across the cardstock. it was clean, the colours appealing, I just liked it. This is a little off centre and the title is on the photo, I went looking for 'stuff' to add but in the end this was how I liked it. The journaling took the longest, I could have written another 3 feet of journaling but I don't want to give Riley too much of a complex when he grows up.