Monday, May 29, 2006
Quilt and Craft Fair Update
I am so glad I had the chance to do this, the first day I am was so bad at speaking but as the days went by I reassessed what I was doing and ofcourse by Sunday I had it down pat.

I loved working with Justine, she is so gorgeous, one of those wonderful serene people and her work is just stunning, I loved being able to see it every day.

Claire from Scrapbooking Memories was just gorgeous too, everything ran so smoothly, it was just a classy affair, while Justine and I did the same thing each day poor Claire had to stand up and say the same thing 6 times a day before every one of our talks.

Each day we had some ladies that would come to every talk and as the days went by we met more people and it all felt more natural and by the 5th day we had the craziest bunch of girls come in and finish off their mobile phone covers and so we heckled them and they heckled us but they stayed all day and were such a riot.

I still managed to spend $100 at the fair and sadly there wasn't much for scrapbookers, my bargain of the show is a 87x57cm cutting mat for $30!!! I picked up a few beads and some frilly bits and stocked up on my 7gypsies at Jo's stall

Back to reality today, which is ok, but I liked playing pretend for a week and getting out with the grown ups. We have kindy and a centre session today, I am looking forward to the long weekend next week.
Saturday, May 20, 2006
the last 10 days
ok so I wont bore you with everything, apart from the fact that the computer isn't why my house is untidy. Here is my life in point form.

  • I am gearing up for the Perth Quilt and Craft fair this week, girls that said they would test run my power point slides it will be coming but probably monday! that is tomorrow's job.

  • This afternoon I am heading off to a class with Tim Holtz.. how cool is that, I better take my camera just incase.

  • I need to choose 3 layouts to send to the brisbane papercraft festival and I can't decide on the final one

  • Scrapbooking memories knocked back my Woman layout for the doodling gallery

  • I'm glad I married a nerd and he could fix our computer, dell quoted $510 for a new motherboard but we scrored and picked up one for $125 from a guy in NSW that bought 5 from centrex the people who make them for Dell!!

  • Alec is doing amazingly well at the Early intervention centre, I feel as though this is the place for him, he just loves it, he had hit a plateau for a few months and now all of a sudden he is streaking ahead.

OK off now, take care
Monday, May 15, 2006
well I am out of the loop for at least the next 10 days as our motherboard has blown and we are computerless... so I am missing my blog fix, I will still be checking email at the neighbours every few days though..

take care!
Tuesday, May 09, 2006
What day is it?
So this morning I called Claire Stewart from Express Publishing...(Scrapbooking Memories mag) to finalise some details for the Quilt and Craft Fair starting here on the 24th!!!!! I have three studio sessions a day to do, one on what it takes to be a Master (which makes me roll around laughing every time I say it) one on patterned paper which Claire tells me I have Larissa to thank for but that is ok because I asked Di (Scrapbooking to Di For) if she would be my sponsor so to speak and supply some product for me to make samples to pass around at the show, then my third studio session is on my time capsule that was in the mag a month or so ago.

I've decided it is all pretty exciting now, what I am looking for now is a volunteer to look at my power point presentation (you will need broad band before you volunteer) cause I sure don't want to get up and look like a total twit that is for sure. So if any one is interested let me know.

We have survived our second week of EI (early intervention) for Alec, a wonderful mum of one of the little guys Alec goes to kindy with asked if I would like her to take Riley while we go to the centre Monday's, it was such a wonderful offer and Monday Riley slept for 3 hours so he was really easy to look after. Alec is loving 'gym' which is what we are calling the OT sessions, except he thinks we are going to 'Jim's'. He just has great fun, his whole face lights up and whoops and squeals with delight, so those things are going really well, he has developed a few nervous habits like pulling his fingers and flicking his teeth when he gets anxious, he still isn't eating much, nothing before 4pm then at 4pm he will eat 3 Sao crackers with vegemite and some sultanas.

Last night we had some cuddle time with Riley, Michael called me out, it was about 9pm and he was singing along to their CD, it was nice having some quiet time with him, beats the usual rush and his usual 2 y.o behaviour, it leaves a lot to be desired right now, I'm tired of hearing, 'no I not naughty, youuuuuuuuu naughty' to be quiet honest with you, then there was the huge tantrum about getting dressed, he wanted to stay in his pajamas and ended up taking them along with him

oh well.. Off to cook myself some dinner, it is 7:15 and no sign of Michael yet but with revolving ministers and the budget tonight I didn't expect him home terribly early.

keep well
Friday, May 05, 2006
I'm out of photo paper but I just had to scrap 'something' don't laugh but it took 227 photos to get one I liked.
Thursday, May 04, 2006
Slide thingy!
Suze saw it on Zina's and I saw it on Suze's and now I have one too, how very cool are these image slides.

It didn't take long to make but the blogger template needed a little tweaking to get it on the side, looks like I will have to make a new header, always nice to have something apart from washing to do isn't it!
Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Pictures from the back seat
Alec's love of taking photos hasn't wained at all, I'm on the look out for a 3.2mp canon for him if anyone knows of anyone wanting to sell one

pictures from the back seat -