Friday, June 29, 2007
Week in review
So I finished some layouts, started some I should have just left, went to the gym, took Riley out of daycare, had meetings about next years crop day fundraiser, had morning tea with Lis and Sharon and did some shopping.

Today is a pupil free day... yayyyyyyyyy I actually love those. I went to the gym and the boys went to the creche, love that the gym has a creche!

One more week until school holidays, I'm lining up play dates and outings already, I really want to go to the zoo.

So here are a few layouts, feeling a bit rusty, haven't quiet found my feet or my desktop, why I feel it is possible to effectively scrap while being surrounded by piles of 'stuff' is beyond me.

Off to see Pirates tomorrow, we won some tickets, boys are going to Ali's and I am then spending Sunday catching up on washing... again
Riley and Michael riding the tractor out at Lissy's, Riley so loved this, we had a great day, I'm hoping to get us all out there again over the school holidays.
I've done this before, but I so love this photo when I saw it I just wanted to do another one. I can't believe it was 3 1/2 years ago, just before we moved into the house, it was on one of our visits, we would also always take Alec to the park.
Something got lost here, it didn't quiet turn out how I wanted, mainly because once I started I put it aside for a week and when I came back to it I had forgotten what it was I had planned!
This was the highlight of my life! My baby getting an honour certificate. I took a chance and didn't tell him, I'm so glad it was such a surprise for him and I am glad I was there to see it, my only regret was I didn't have the camera and I had to use my mobile phone to take the photo! but at least i got it.
Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Autism Crop Day!!
5:30am Saturday morning June 23rd the alarm went off!
6:50am Ali arrives and we are off, we had the forthought to pack Ali's car Friday.
7:30am we are in the door and setting up! They had a great trolley system so setting up the tables wasn't too hard.
8am more helpers started arriving, Sharon and Sharon... then it is a bit of a blur until some time after 9am when everyone started arriving.
After putting down their bags the first stop was the crop shop! This was such an amazinf success. Everything we sold had been donated, Lis was run off her feet for the first few hours and the supplies didn't last long. From the crop shop we raised $718.50
People pitched in and helped all over, it was wonderful, then there was the coffee machine, supplied to us by 5 Senses and a collection of barista's from around town came and helped out.
The hot chocolates were a huge success!

Tania Davey gave a demo on doodling templates, very cool Tania, I would never have thought to do that!

My Helpers, these girls were great, Sharon Manning, Lis Cassey, Ali Hilson, Danelle Hamilton and Amanda Samways, thank you so much girls!I call this my Wallace shot! What is with those hands!Michael gave a talk on coffee, I made introductions and drew raffles, so many raffles! Tasha Alach from the Early Intervention Centre gave us a talk on autism and explained what the money we raised would be used for and once again I was amazed and humbled by the generosity of my community.

So between [coffee for a cause] and the Crop Day we have raised $5100 for the centre, we also have 3 more raffles to run and Natalie Wolfe from Scraptivate kindly offered to host them so if you would like a ticket for an HP A310 photo printer drop by and see Natalie.
Saturday, June 23, 2007
The big event!
what a day... between the coffee for a cause coffee drive and today's Helping Hand Autism Crop Day Fundraiser we have raised for the WA Early Intervention Centre $5144.50!!!!!!!!!!

We are tired, we shall now sleep and spend Sunday in our pjamas! watch this space for the full low down and tons of photos!

Autism Crop Day Fundraiser
Monday, June 18, 2007
Four days and counting!
I'm not even sure where to start.. So it is Monday night, four days until the big event! the big event being the Autism crop day. This is my big event of the year, for the last month behind the scenes my friends and I have been organising the day, my friends are the oil that makes the machinery keep running.

I'm feeling a mixture of excitement, anticipation, dread and resignation.. it is going to happen even if I am not ready! I will be ready though and it is thanks to my friends.. Ali, Lis, Danelle, Sharon S, Sharon M, Amanda.. these girls have helped me get it together and then I just know that all the lovely girls on the day will help out too. I have met some great ladies and this is my way of catching up with them LOL, no truly it is for the kids and for the staff at the early intervention centre so they can help teach the kids. It has been amazing how Alec blossomed once we had coping strategies and learnt some social skills. This is where it starts and this is the most important time of their lives and I want them to have every single thing they need.

So have a look at this, we have 9 raffles, 3 door prizes and a 10 draw free raffle a crop shop and a real coffee machine and barista's from around Perth to make coffee.. don't you wish you could be there!! well if you are in Perth and want to come let me know, I have 12 tickets left!
Sunday, June 17, 2007
New Chipboard from Buzz and Bloom!
well you don't think the whole design team hasn't been busy doing sample projects for the Buzz and Bloom blog. The new range of chipboard is just amazing, so many different new things to play with.

I love the versatility, such a great range of techniques and applications being created by the girls. You can find all the examples on the blog as well as a link to all the new chipboard.

Here are my offerings, and look I sewed! the album and bag are for Bek, Alec's case manager, she leaves the centre this week, I am so sad but I hope she has a wonderful time on her travels.

Thursday, June 14, 2007
Bake day!
Ali, Danelle, Lis and Amanda dropped by and we had a bakeday!

Everything is going in the freezer and will be all ready to be baked next Saturday at the crop day, all except the quiche which we cooked and will reheat. We are all getting pretty excited now, only a week to go!

We made, quiche, apple squares, spinach and cheese filo triangles, smoko's and pizza rolls!

Thanks girls it was a fun morning.

Monday, June 11, 2007
Scrap worthy
I am going to show these photos to every person Riley ever meets, I am going to show it to his teachers, girlfriends, mates, wife, children and grand children.. so they can see the real Riley

This is what I have to deal with every day. We are about to go to Coles supermarket, Riley has on pooh bear boots, a spider man costume, a pair of silky boxers and a beanie on his head and socks on his hands. Notice how the boxers cover his face, he could still walk around quiet well but was a bit offended when people couldn't help but laugh hysterically upon seeing him.

No, I am not embarrassed by how he looks, you wouldn't believe the understanding glances I get from passers by. I figure he is three, at no other time in his life will he be able to walk out in public with undies on his head. And if he does well I will just have to come to terms with that too.
Saturday, June 09, 2007
sneak peek
Friday, June 08, 2007
I've been
cooking.. made a quiche for dinner last night and a rather divine steak and mushroom pie for dinner tonight, and all this was done on the BBQ!!

Thankfully I now have the new element for my oven so hopefully tomorrow it will be fixed..

Off to see Shrek 3 tomorrow, Riley is so excited! he has put in his request for pop corn, some chocolate and a drink already.

Working on some new projects, my parcel of Buzz and Bloom's new chipboard arrived, very nice, will post a tease when I'm done
Wednesday, June 06, 2007
A committee of one, but not doing it alone!
I was asked who was on the committee for the crop day fundraiser and smiled and answered..Just me.. and while that is correct I in no way do this alone.

Leading up to the crop and on the day I have wonderful friends that help me with the cooking, who shop for me, print and distribute fliers, Ali, who picks me up, drives me around and does an amazing job on the day with selling the raffle tickets, Lissy who will be manning the crop shop and who has donated an amazing amount and helped get things ready, Sharon, who will be on the door and I know that people coming to the crop will get up and help too, so many people have said, if you need something done let me know and many have asked if they can bring something, this is an amazing community.

These are the people that make this a successful day, I am just the one that bosses them around and makes sure it all gets done.

I went and had another look at the room today, we are holding it at the North Beach Baptist Church, it is just fantastic, lots of room, I have to say a big thanks to our friendsDanelle and Andrew Hamilton of Upstream Communities, they are donating the room fee, thank you guys, that is such a wonderful thing, it means so much to us.
A new page
Hand cut and painted title, bits of transparency, not very clear here I'm afraid and some Carole layering .. Carole called yesterday morning, that was so nice, I miss you too!!! I still find it amazing how you can just click with people you have just met.

This is my funny boys, sometimes when the planets align and no one has something the other wants they can just happily sit and laugh.
Monday, June 04, 2007
the minimalist
Crop Day Update: Pictures of the raffles for the autism crop day are up HERE

I just really liked the space in this.

Journaling reads - I'm just going to look at the mushroom some more and keep it company
Saturday, June 02, 2007
I'm over
being sick!!!

it is getting in the way of scrapping, I have a kajillion photos I want to scrap with stories bursting to get out but that isn't going to happen while I'm hugging the toilet!! ok so the toilet hugging was just yesterday, I had the worst migraine I have had in 10 years and add that to the other 2 I have had in the last 10 days and tonsilitis I am feeling pretty sorry for myself, it was a day filled with misery and somewhere in there two little boys were angels, Alec is unwell too, upper respiratory infection and Riley is croupie and then there is Michael who is snuffly and sneezing but went to work, we are in a sad state!

Today I am feeling better, I'm going to do some cleaning, the house is reflecting the condition of its occupants, it is a bit tragic, and add to all that something spooked the cat and he sprayed in the house.. totally don't love that smell.

So before I was struck down I did this after seeing Nic Finlayson's page for the autism crop.. loved it Nic!!