Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Time to let it go
You know the song.. to everything there is a season. Well it looks like my scrapbooking season is over.

I have been looking at my studio for the last 12 months and have felt the accusing glare of every single thing in here, waiting for me to make a move, create something, make a decision just to do something. Well I made my decision and I called my friend Danelle, ok so I facebooked her because I avoid any direct contact with real people as much as possible. For some strange reason my friends Ali and Lis are still putting up with me after nearly 5 years, I am telling you that is a record.

So Danelle has been working with an orphanage in Bali for several years now, the Widhya Asih Bali Children and in the past has taken craft supplies for them to make cards. So I am sending my supplies to them. They will have a new home.

I still want to keep records, I still want to remember but that overwhelming burn to preserve every second has diminished. I'm going to set aside a time each week to work on a book like I did for my 365 days blurb book . So now I am going to save up and get myself a copy of Photoshop and stick to digital scrapbooking.

So what will happen to the studio? It is going to be turned into a reading room, it is already the computer room, and has sort of been rechristened the office, because nothing much creative has been happening in here I can tell you.

I have started sorting things and Danelle is coming over Thursday to take it all away. It feels right and finally for the first time in a year I have made a decision about something and I'm acting on it.

It's a start.