Friday, August 05, 2005
I know if I move
they will hear me...

how wicked, I am letting Riley watch brum to keep him quiet while Alec sleeps

Earlier I did some exercises with Alec, I didn't break them into groups I just wanted to see if he would follow directions from me like he did from the speech therapist... the answer is not really, it didn't help that Riley wanted to do it too and was a distraction, which I knew would be the case. I really want to do something with him everyday my greatest worry is that this will hold him back at school somehow. I think we might have to keep the big exercises for evenings after Riley goes to bed, other exercises we can do all day when we have conversations.

A full diagnosis hasn't been made yet, they was to see more of his behavioral patterns in action.

sigh, I promise I wont cry at therapy sessions again, it just confused Alec.
Blogger krista said...
When is the next evaluation? Hang in there.

Blogger Alli said...
I think it will be ongoing K, she will see more as time goes by.