Saturday, November 25, 2006
Commisioned work and some thoughts
Commissioned work for magazines can be difficult, I have never turned an offer down though, I still get that little thrill when I get asked to do something.

That thrill can fade very fast when you get your product. I finished a project last night and when the pack arrived I only felt dread, so I stuck it back in the box out of sight. Then I got to thinking well the reason you were offered this was to promote the companies product, my job is to use and display their product to the best of my ability, the fact that it may not be my style/colours/gender selection is irrelevant, I agreed to a set of conditions knowing full well what was expected of me.

I'm happy with what I made in fact I like it a lot, at the start as I shuffled the paper I realised that this is where I have to put that little bit of extra effort in, not for the $20 fee because lets face it after postage and your own product that comes to about $3 so I'm not doing it for the money, but for my own sense of achievement.

Would I like to be published more? yes I would but I don't have the drive right now to submit so if all I have published is commissioned pieces that is good for me.


There has been a lot of bad feeling about the aussie scrapbook critic blog that has closed again, I don't know how anything like that can't escalate into a slinging match if the veil of anonymity isn't lifted, I think it would work a lot better but for whatever reason people feel if they are unidentifiable it gives them a license to plunder and pillage, unfortunately in this instance it is peoples feelings and that is sad, sad for us as a community that such ill feeling against others exists, I don't know why some are singled out over others as targets, not everyone in the world thrills me but I am happy to keep those thoughts to myself. Critiquing work and magazines is one thing but pulling down people is over stepping the line... end sermon
Blogger Lauren said...
I agree completly with you! I think being mean to peoples children is just soo low! I only ever went there once and refused to go back!

I always feel great after finighing a project that pushed my limits.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Lauren x

Anonymous Natalie said...
Well said Alli!

Anonymous Fiona Taylor said...
I love getting commissions, and am super excited when the package arrives. Like you, I've had some that have really pushed me, but I've been more proud of what I achieved with those ones, because it was out of my comfort zone. I'm sure you've done wonders with your challenge pack Alli. I lucked out and received a great pack to work with this week...wonder if we are in the same one? Hope I did it justice :)

As for the critics...I feel so sorry for those that have been hurt by such pettiness and nastiness, and hope that the blog stays closed for good. I feel sorry too for the families and friends of the critics, because I'm sure that their vitriole isn't reserved for just the scrapbooking community, and is a dull but common theme of their day to day conversation. There is room in this hobby for all styles and skill levels, and no-one should have to apologise for being fortunate enough to be published. Just my opinion!

Blogger Carole Janson said...
Alli I love you style and your designs, and I know, that what ever you create with these products, you will make them shine. And I just won't to say well done on your "thoughts" you have spoke words of wisdom.

Have a great week Alli.

Best Wishes

Blogger donnadowney said... me i will help!!