Wednesday, September 28, 2005
I should have been cleaning
how clean should your house be before somone comes and cleans it? mine is pretty feral right now but I don't have the energy to clean it...before they come and clean it.

ok stripped 2 beds, made one fed children..again.. I'm still tired! I loathe cleaning. Riley is having honey on everything so no matter how well I clean him off he still leaves a sticky trail behind him. he has now worked out how to use the chairs to get what he wants from high places. All morning he has been asking to watch boohbah, I, being the meany said no as Alec loves the ABC kids line up. We have free to air cable but e-wire still don't give us abc2, which is annoying as they have kids programs when abc doesn't. We don't watch commercial tv, Alec is learning enough about things without being bombarded by advertising, we watch videos instead and that way I know exactly what they are watching. Mind you that Thomas the Tank Engine can be a bit naughty sometimes and Alec learnt all about accidents and crashes and falling off ravines.

Another reason my house is less than pristine lately is that I have turned out 18 layouts this month! I did clean out my big cupboard and repack everything and label it and cleaned the room generally, the second computer has gone to Alec's room now, he said to Michael..

"dad, come and turn on comp-puter so I can do fings on it"

I'm sending him in to set it up when he gets home, Alec will just love it once we get a few little games on for him.