Monday, September 19, 2005
Rest Day
We usually go to morning tea with local mum's Monday morning but I think we all need a little recharge time. The boys are outside playing, I wish this was a wireless notebook so I could sit out there and do this.

I did some more reading on Asperger's and my heart just keeps breaking for my little boy, my biggest wish for my boys was that they fit in, be happy and do something they love. Alec may never fit in, he wont know the right things to say and he wont be able to pick up those all important silent signals from other people. On the otherhand he has his brother, they look out for each other and are the best of friends. It may have been hard having them so close together but in the end it will be a godsend.

As soon as we get all the specialists out of the way I will be joining a support group and we will do a positive parenting programme, I have to re-learn so many things now and I see that things that have worked with Riley wont work with Alec, instead of discipline we have just been scaring him.

We will learn as we go and get all the help we can, right now we have an advantage because he is so young.