Wednesday, September 21, 2005
I started off so well with my diet to control my blood sugars, then we have a stressful week and I get a bit of a cold and it all goes to shite.. I beat myself up for being weak but some days I really do need that bit of chocolate, and lets face it it isn't the 6-10 squares I used to eat DAILY it is 2 measly squares. I do seem to have lost 5kg in the last month though, I am sure that is solely due to cutting out chocolate and dessert. Diabetes sucks, I am so tired of having to watch the clock and work out what food I can eat at what time of the day.

My birthday was really nice, we had a quiet playgroup and a beautiful dinner, I ate too much but it was just so yummy, mum made me my favorite dessert, lemon souffle! it was divine, I am going to have a few spoonfuls at lunch.


I didn't think the dark foreboding colour scheme did me justice so I went on a search and found this one, it is quiet nice and airy don't you think and unobtrusive all at the same time, I thought of going the whole glish path again but I just don't have the time anymore, when I had my greymatter blog I had the time to fiddle plus I had my own hosting, the hosts did some upgrades one day and after two years without a glitch greymatter would never work again. This is pretty good though I can just waffle away and not be overly worried with how it looks.