Tuesday, September 06, 2005
A reply..
It rained last night so Riley was up about 8 times, I did the first 4 and Michael did the last 4, he is afraid of the noise but loves the rain.. Go figure. So today I am letting them run wild and eat M&M's for breakfast, the toast that was requested and made has gone cold and stodgy long ago... I might use this in my blog..LOL

It really does suck as Riley is just adorable and I loved him so fiercely the moment I saw him it hurt, now I know why it was so important I love him so much. I think it is the sheer frustration at not being able to communicate to them that causes the greatest stress for me sometimes.. If only they understood that if the scream one more time mummy will go starts raving mad I wonder if they wouldn't do it.

Knowing them probably not, they do it as a sporting event, scream-a-thons.

Now I just do a day at a time and roll back my expectations, if we make it to nap time at 11am and I haven't yelled and they haven't damaged each other or the house it has been a successful morning. We also do something each day, morning tea groups, playgroups and playdates with friends, if I didn't get out everyday I couldn't do it.

oh and I finally got paid, it was a great relief as I don't do confrontation well