Thursday, August 18, 2005
Some days I cry
Today is one of those days.

This last week has been an unfolding tragedy, looks like I have diabetes, after struggling through 2 pregnancies with gestational diabetes it has caught up with me a lot quicker than I anticipated. Riley has been..Well Riley. I don't know how to handle a toddler that is so needy and demanding, one day last week I sat and held him all day, if I went to do something he held onto me. Nothing has changed in the last 22 months with him, and I have a rotten cold and sore throat.

On a really high note dad and mum offered to help pay for Alec's sheep therapy, that is just so amazing and means so much to us, speech therapy costs us $75 a week. We also got our family assistance supplement payment and I am going to buy Riley a new bed and decorate their room and put a nice chunk aside in a savings account for school fees next year.

It will be so nice to go shopping today, wish I had someone to shop with
Anonymous Anonymous said...
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Blogger Linda said...
Hi Alli,

Sorry to hear about the diabetes... I have 2 friends who both have diabetes.

Hope your cold gets much better, oh and Riely too... must be so hard to have to have such a demanding little boy.