Friday, December 01, 2006
Donna Downey, the internet and paypal!
Poor Michael try as he may it was all too slow and he couldn't order my Christmas present himself, what is it today??? it is like the world has slowed down! When you rely on the internet for work/information/recreation you notice when it isn't working!

I've just had a 2 hour battle with paypal, when I worked for an American web design company we worked out this was the best way to pay me as it took about a 1/4 of the fees the bank did when they cashed a cheque. Anyway 2 moves and several email addresses later paypal couldn't find me, all fixed now though and I just got my confirmation email.. My Donna Downey camera bag has been ordered!

I really needed it today, we had the kindy assembly, our first assembly, it was so sweet and Alec did so well but it was hard wrestling Riley and carrying a camera.

We are off to Michael's social club dinner tonight, breakfast with mum and dad in the morning and then the finishing touches on some commissioned work.. so I have nothing to share with you! and you all know how much I like show and tell, it has been great scrapping and creating again, a month is way too long to sit and shuffle paper I tell you.

Good luck with your bags Donna, i think they look gorgeous and can't wait to get mine, have a good weekend girls!
Anonymous Michael said...
Bloody Paypal - simple is never good enough for them!

Blogger donnadowney said...
thanks alli!!
you rock!!
you were order #30 and airmail willing, hopefully you will have it under your tree!!!

Blogger Kell said...
Hope you get your bag for Christmas Alli - they look gorgeous. you'll have to take a photo 'posing' with it.