Saturday, December 16, 2006
The Wishing Tree
If you are out shopping and you pass a Kmart Wishing Tree or similar buy a present for someone if you can. I was at Kmart before it opened today and was standing next to the tree and the first one I saw was for a boy of three, it bought tears to my eyes, I took that one and while I was shopping picked a present for a boy of 4 and picked up another tag.

It's very easy you just leave the tag and the present with them. I just needed to do it. Also don't forget any extra tins, juice or long life milk you have spare can be dropped off at Salvo stores for redistribution or you can leave it at Coles, they have a food drive going all year.

Have a good weekend!
Blogger Megan said...
Good for you Alli - a wonderful idea!

Merry Christmas :-)
Megan xx

Blogger Lauren said...

I always take a tag from my local K Mart in Oz, over here in the UK they don't have them it's sad, as I always like to think that you can put a smile on a childs face.

Congrats on the camera bag too!

Have a great christmas,

Lauren x