Tuesday, December 05, 2006
Someone pass the un-do!
see here is a clear example of why you shouldn't clean up. For 4 years I have had a bottle of un-do, used it maybe 3 times, but then disaster stirkes
Is it where I left it the day I bought it home?? no ofcourse not because I cleaned up and sorted and now I can't find it so I have to waste 20 minutes searching for the stupid thing all because of a little puff of wind that stuck something down in the wrong place!

You may ask is this not misplaced anger and frustration, you would be correct because there is no car in my garage!!! it is in bits at the garage, I am totally over it now. I am trying to work out how I just spent $1600 repairing a $4000 car!

please excuse the over use of exclamations, I figure they are more acceptable that a string of mildly offensive language.. but bugger it I want my car back!!!!!!!!!!!
Blogger Meljessie said...
Ali - I know exactly how you feel - My car is still in the garage waiting for a part to turn up that went to Victoria and I was suppose to have it back last Wed!!! Not happy JAN! LOL at cleaning up your desk - mine is covered in Xmas stuff and was planning on doing it tonight after Gary leaves for Newman....maybe not hehe - Take care and will catch up soon - had a great night last Wed - good to get to know you all a bit better :) Cheers Mel