Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Whirlwind kinda day
so you know I should be cleaning don't you
it is so not going to happen
yesterday was so full on.

We raced Michael to the train along with Riley, Michael was off to Sydney and Riley was going to mum and dad's, dad took him to Scitech as mum is off in Singapore. Alec and I braved the heat and went to gym, we picked up Riley, went to Jodi's for a swim. Yes Riley's floaty does work but he has zero 'what to do in water' instinct, then home picking up HJ's on the way and then getting ready for a little class I did for some of my morning tea girls, it was fun but it was 11pm by the time we finished. I was so tired i forgot to take photos though.

I have now hunted down and purchased all 16 cars figures "gulp" I think the shipments to k-mart and target stopped in Sydney and that was as far as they got because no matter who I talk to no one has seen full sets here in Perth, but I have them now I can relax.

I think I might go paint those reindeer so they aren't naked 2 years in a row then clean my desk, it's a start