Wednesday, May 30, 2007
recovery mode
we are beset by colds and aches and pains right now, last weekend the whole family were unwell this week Alec has had a relapse, I had to go and pick him up from school, poor baby was curled up on a mat on the floor when I arrived. Michael is still coughing and my tonsils are up and ouchie.. Riley is just fine!

So there are just over 3 weeks and a few days until the autism crop, that sent me into a bit of a panic this morning, I really really want to sell the last 30 tickets!

and look at this!!! Lissy and I will be doing the raffles and prize packs on the weekend from all of this!!! and there is more on the way, once again I am just amazed at how generous everyone has been.
Blogger Lissy said...
Well you are all here by under my orders to be well by Sunday :)

Blogger Alli said...
we will be!! fingers crossed!

I'm keeping Alec home tomorrow, he has a temp and a nasty cough.

Blogger Jenny said...
WOW, it is great how many things you have donated to you. It is for a great cause. I am still promoting the day at the shop so hopefully the places will fill.
Luv Jen

Blogger Jenny said...
I'm coming to the fund raiser to crop!!! Yay, I will still definetly help you out if you need me though honey pie xxx Jen xxx

Blogger vicki said...
Hi Ali

Im good friends with jenny,
I'm coming to the crop too- cant wait- will be so much fun.

Love yr blog