Thursday, May 10, 2007
You know you have dropped the ball when....
you have to do a full wash load of undies.

It's been a busy week, what is it Thursday? think I better actually cook a meal tonight too!

I'm loving my studio, it has lots of light and a nice view with nice tree and bird noises from outside. Not doing any layouts but doing lots of creating, I have a few commissioned bits and pieces to do and I'm still covering stuff with little bits of paper, getting much joy from that at the moment. At this rate I will use up all my scraps.

Michael and I did the last of the coffee grinding and bagging yesterday at Fiori's, such fantastic people, everyone has been wonderful!

Lastly Alec has been selected for a feeding program, yay! fingers crossed we can get him eating a few more foods.

A Riley update.

Distaster struck at 8:10am Tuesday our ailing alternator finally gave up on us, this threw the whole day into turmoil. We were all in the car, Alec was off to school then I was dropping Michael and Riley at the train station so he could go and spend the day with mum and dad, usually it wouldn't have been a problem Michael could bring him home, but he had to stay back late. So now Riley is staying with me, Alec is going to school all day and wont be going to his centre session and Michael is dropping the car off before going to work.

Amongst all this Riley is upset he can't go to Mutt's and Kim's, I can wide my bike to Mutt's and Kim's daddy, i can and you can come too. This made mum and dad feel great and it made me smile, the poor wee thing, mum and dad are 44 km away!
Blogger Tammy said...
LOve the line full of undies! What a funny picture!