Friday, August 12, 2005
Today is a low day
I have already eaten 4 squares of fruit and nut chocolate and 1 custard filled profiterol (it was really yummy) Thursday is no longer a re-charge day unfortunately, we take Alec to speech therapy every Thursday now, I pick him up from day-care. Yesterday Michael was off so we did a few errands and had some lunch, by the time we got home again it was almost a 1/4 to four.

Today I might just sit and watch tv or play trains with the boys and try and do a load of washing or 6. Just as I was being good and hanging wash on the line the rain is going to set in for the next week.

Scrapbooking seems to be a memory from the past, I must buy some more photo paper, I always do better when I can print my own photos. I am going to try and do some this evening and maybe Sunday afternoon also, Michael did want to invite people for coffee and cheesecake so I will see what happens.