Friday, September 30, 2005
Words to live by
I loved this quote on Ngaire Bartlam's blog -

"You shouldn't have to sacrifice
who you are just because somebody
else has a problem with it".

It hasn't been until this last year that this has even occured to me. I was always trying to bend and stretch myself ito what I thought others expected of me. Live and learn hey, pity it took until 38 and not 28.

What I now have to do is take that statement and apply it to Alec and make sure that he knows we love him just as he is. Here is my baby :

My Child
Anonymous Anonymous said...
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Anonymous Renea said...
Urgh advertising on blogs, bad bad man....Hey Alli, loved the chat today and just ADOREEEEEE this layout, definately a quote to live by!