Tuesday, October 04, 2005
It's 3am it must be raining...
I am so over the rain, I know we need the rain and personally I love rain, sleet, wind and cold but Riley is a big baby sooky head who screams blue murder the minute he hears it.. and last night that would have been at 3am..

When the howls of daddy daddy rain rain.. I was already sprinting down the hallway, I needn't have bothered as it wasn't going to wake Alec as he was already in my bed, how he got there I'm not sure, after much calming patting stroking of hair and attempted bribery he settled down, I dragged myself back only to have Alec request an escort back to bed.

10 minutes later Riley was in our bed, by 4:15am I was tired of being kicked in the back so he went back to bed too. Until 4:50am. Michael went and got him and Riley proceeded to whisper in his ear, pat his head and stick his fingers up his nose, Michael said the last straw was when he started imitating my snoring, at 5:20 he was deposited back to bed.

The only thing that saved me was that he slept until 8:10am, pity everyone else couldn't have.

Michael starts leave tomorrow but then Sunday he has to fly to Brisbane for a conference, we will be alone for 5 days. I am being very positive, we will do just fine, I am going to start sourcing playdates for every morning and afternoon so the boys are too worn out to play up.
Anonymous Renea said...
Urgh, I sooo know how that feels, Mak is terrified of thunderstorms and is absolutely beside herself when the first clap of thunder starts...I dont know how we would cope if she did it for the rain too!...Hope you managed to catch up on some sleep Alli!