Thursday, October 20, 2005
My first Alec letter
Today I wrote my first Alec letter and it was to daycare, last week there was an issue with Alec doing a wee on the lawn during outside play. He doesn't quiet understand the social and hygenic no no that is.

Now when we go to the park we have had him do a wee in the bushes or the lawn if we haven't caught him in time so he thinks this is just what you do, I have started retraining this week but he is still wanting to wee on the alawn, as you would if you were 3. So any way I supplied the language they will need and the signals they will have to use to communicate with him, lets see what the report is at the end of the day. I am very lucky that they have staff trained in dealing with autistic and ASD kids and because they have a very structured program there has only ever been a few meltdowns when he hasn't been able to make them understand him.