Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Fitting in
Before i start.. I lost Riley at coles tonight.. I had to have them put an alert out for him over the loud speaker, thank you to the lovely ANZ lady that found him sorting friut in the fruit and veg section! I started to panic a bit after 5 minutes as I had visions of some psychopath being seen leading him away on CCT.. not a nice feeling, I could start to hear the panic in my voice as i called to him.. he got lots of cuddles when I got him back.

so anyway

I am part of 2 groups where we get together with our kids, one is a playgroup I have been in for 3 1/2 years and another is the monday morning, morning tea group. I realised that my morning tea group is far more willing to invest parts of themselves and their families into our group. Playgroup has just never quiet jelled which is such a shame. I could quiet easily drop it except my friend Jodi also comes to playgroup and some times we get so busy playgroup is the only place we can get together.

Now we have these issues with Alec I want to keep him as social as possible, I can drag myself along to playgroup as I like catching up with Jodi but I will have to evaluate the worth of going after each term I think. Today he had a great time, he gets a little over excited though.

Monday morning tea is a whole different thing, I am amazed at how well we get along and how much fun our kids have together, it is a local group so no one is more than 2 minutes away, we even do brunch every couple of months, I have a real sense of belonging.

I took the Aspergers book to morning tea and you know every one of those girls read it, play group one girl had a glance.

Jodi, well I just love Jodi, she read it and we talked about it, she said you know that poor kid, we went to that craft fair and he just couldn't take it and we just thought he was having a huge tanty.. the poor little guy was just having a total overload, it was so busy and loud and hot. We are going to Jodi's tomorrow, and she came here yesterday, she is looking after me while Michael is away.
Anonymous Renea said...
Funny that hey, when someone doesnt understand an illness they just shut off and dont want to know about it, It doesnt take much to stop and lend an ear to someone, give advice or read their pamphlett and get to know what the problem is about, it can only benefit them in understanding what this kid is all about! Im glad Riley was found safe and well with the ANZ lady, what a scary thing!