Monday, October 10, 2005
The Masters

Finally I can stand on the hill and yell it out to the valley below! I am a MASTER
I don't think anything has taken me as much by surprise as this did. The day I got the call it didn't even click that that was what the message on my machine was about, because you know magazine editors call me everyday LMAO
So here is the list of Scrapbooking memories Masters for 2005, I am in some amazingly talented company

Alli Paterson
Andrea Thompson
Daphney Matthews
Erica Glover
Jodie Jackson
Karen Pedwell
Lisa Pate
Mishell Lancett
Nicole Brazier
Rachelle Minett
Renea Brooks
Roslyn James
Sandra Cadzow
Susan Quaid
Trish Reed
Anonymous Renea said...
I have been waiting to do this out loud for so long now... CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS MASTER Alli!

Blogger lee woodside said...
Hey wtg girl!!! It only just clicked with me that it was you. Like I knew it was you but didn't. MMM that really didn't make any sense at all. But hey girl a big congrats. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Anonymous Julie Mell said...

I have been admiring your work at 2peas for some time now and just finally through a friends blog realised who you were and now your a MASTER!!!! Congrats on the honour and can't wait to see your stuff in the books and mags!!!!!!

Anonymous Mel Goodsell said...
Just found your blog Alli!! A huge big hugs and congratulations to you on the Masters this year!! How awesome is that and so well deserved, I love your work,
Mel xx