Thursday, November 03, 2005
A walk in the park..
or a really stong drink may help me recover from yesterday.

We completed step two of our diagnosis yesterday, a two and a half hour visit to a child psychologist. It was once again very stressful and we learnt of more of Alec's weaknesses. The psych said on first meeting Alec he wondered why we were there as he presents as a bubbly normal little boy, but then he listened to him playing and went ahhhhhhhhhh. I don't see it really unless he is having a meltdown, which he did on and off for 6 hours on Saturday afternoon, I feel so helpless and he seems in such pain and so confused during these episodes.

During Alec's assessment I wanted to help him whenever he was stuck on a question, it hurts so much to see him struggle. He scored well for vocabulary but he doesn't really have the comprehension to go with it, his problem solving was good too. So after that the poor little guy was so tired and I was going to quickly going to drop into medicare to get some paper work registered, well the doctor hadn't used the codes medicare wanted so after 25 minutes there we had to go back to our GP, they called medicare then medicare wouldn't talk to them and I just burst into tears at that stage, medicare talked to me we added the extra billing code paid the bill and went to yet another medicare office. I sat there on the verge of tears willing it all to go through properly. Everyone we dealt with was very helpful, it was just more un-needed stress though, I had to keep calling my friend Ali who was taking care of Riley because here I was thinking we would be back by 1:30, we finally turned up at Ali's house at 3:40pm, but now it is done, I have banked the cheque and sent one off to the psychologist.

Now to take care of this house! it has been neglected for 4 weeks now and I am up to load 4 of possibly 8 loads of washing!!! The cleaning can just keep until Saturday a girl has to get some scrapping done after all.
Anonymous Renea said...
I recommend, Johnnie Walker, red or black and a drunken scrapathon, but not without hugz Alli!