Tuesday, October 25, 2005
A diagnosis
My beautiful baby boy is Autistic. We are shocked, numb, sad, angry. It is such a whirlwind of emotions. We had the second assessment by the pediatrician yesterday and we have been referred on to a clinical psychologist and a diagnostic speech pathologist.

Next week Michael and I go back and we will get a therapy plan from the Dr.

I'm not looking forward to the numbness wearing off.
Anonymous Renea said...
Oh Alli, Big Hugs...Im so sorry to read this news, but glad you finally have a diagnosis and that the doctors are helping you with a therapy plan, best of luck with all and will be thinking of you!

Blogger lee woodside said...
Hugs to you Alli. It is just so hard to hear about this news. But I agree with Renea now that you know at least you can get a plan in place.
big big hugs

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Sorry Ali- but also glad you can now 'work' on it, iykwim? My daugher has a physical disability and it is sooo hard to know your baby is a little different! Hugs to you :)
Shell (Lancett)