Tuesday, February 07, 2006
A challenge!
Lianne dares us to show our first ever layout and our most recent, well here is my first. I did this layout on the 20th of September (my birthday!) 2002 I started it at a beginners scrapbooking class at the LSS!

vellum bubbles, hand cut letters and those good old shape cutters..

My latest is barista Baby
Blogger Rach H said...
HI Alli
I keep meaning to pop onto your blog to say I LOVED all your work in Di's shop.
OK everybody if you thought Alli's stuff was pretty cool online irl its SO FANTASTIC. I love the way you take a spin on everything. One talented chick!!!!
I have to say your first LO was pretty good. I think that excitement I had was to do with 'I was hooked' on this hobby from the minute I saw it.
I'm liking your lastest LO very much.
Hey that 'orange' LO I did I was working on that while at Lissy's.

Blogger lianne said...
Hi Alli. Your first layout is so, so cute. Those photos are gorgeous. And your latest layout is awesome too. Thanks for sharing.

Blogger Lisa Pate said...
Alli, I have got to say that your sift layout is sooooo much better than mine. Mine was done at a CM class, so it has the triangles and stickers etc...but I was pretty impressed at the time.


Blogger Carole Janson said...
Alli, it may have been one of your first pages, but how cute, the little face looking up from the water, and the little round tummy, so cute. I really like the recent layout as well, how styles have changed.


Blogger Chris Millar said...
Love those circles Alli!LOL We've all come a long way hey?!
Love barista baby!