Monday, January 30, 2006
OMG it is really happening, Friday my baby has his first day of kindy. Being the organised soul I am I have only just ordered his name tags, they are so cute, I chose a frog icon and I did the whole deal, shoe dots (we have lost 2 pairs at daycare in the last year!) iron on clothes labels, drink bottle labels and a school bad tag! He will be so excited when he sees them. He can't wait to go to kindy.

And a big welcome to Lisa Pate, Lisa has just joined the blog world so go on over and say hi

I got something back in the mail today!!! you can't see it yet it will be in an upcoming edition of SM but here is a sneak peek, try and guess what it is!

Blogger Mistra said...
Oh Alli... how quickly they grow up! At least you'll get some more 1st day pics - I wasn't a scrapper when Kel started school and don't even have a 1st day photo, what kind of mother am I... I still regret missing that one!

Your little tease looks gorgeous whatever it is, I'm not even going to try and guess that one!!

Blogger Carole Janson said...
I had a cry when Sarah went to kindy for the first time who is now 10, now I have my son Chaise I can do that all over again. I am sure he will have the best time.

Mmmmmm ! Ali, this to me looks like it could be maybe a little trunk or suit case, and with the clock - memories. Anyway it looks unreal. Have a great day Alli


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Enjoyed a lot!
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