Thursday, January 26, 2006
My scrap space!
Lee Woodside and Julie Love have asked for a peek into our scrap spaces so here is my very mess space, my excuse is that I am on a creative streak, the only time it is tidy is when I can't see the mat from the piles of paper on top of it!

So sit back and enjoy the many views of my scrap space!

Blogger lee woodside said...
Oh thanks so much Alli for sharing your creative space. Such fun to see this.

Anonymous Julie LOVE said...
Thanks for being such a good sport Alli....I love all the blocks of colour on the is a very inspiring space I am sure!!!


Blogger Mistra said...
Alli... you have been scrapping up a storm, you've got bits everywhere! This is what mine looks like after a scrapfest as well and I love it... it has a sense of satisfaction about it hey! Thanks for sharing - this is such fun!

Blogger Chris Millar said...
Love your space Alli, especially the bits of double sided tape backing that I see on the floor and resembles my floor!LOL
Love the SEI walls!

Blogger Carole Janson said...
Ali great looking scrap space, just what I need. I am a bit limited with space at the moment with renovating.