Thursday, February 02, 2006
Not a great start
Alec and I are hanging this morning, Riley is off at mum and dads today and we don't have speech until 11am. We didn't start off too well, instead of being able to say "mummy I miss Riley and would really like to go to" the autism speaks and he has a meltdown. I'm still a bit bruised from it, not physically but emotionally. I know all the triggers and I tried to get him excited about our day and also to prepare him for what we are going to be doing. It didn't work.

It starts with the..I don't want and moves onto the you're not my friend anymore, which really hurt this morning. I didn't say anything, I tried a different approach, he ranted at me for 20 minutes and threw himself around the lounge room, I will have to see what damage he did himself later. Then he sat with his head under a pillow and we had silence. I went to get something and for once didn't tell him where I was going and he came looking for me. When i came back I sat at the table and explained that he had hurt my feelings and I was sad, he is starting to recognise sad which is a good thing. After a few more minutes he came and told me he loved me and I got a cuddle but I feel a bit battered today and it isn't even 8am.

I have to finish his card chart for kindy today, I will post a pic later when it is done, it is a picture recognition system or picture exchange, it exchanges an image for an action so the teacher can prepare his board so he will know what is happening. He goes to kindy for almost 3 hours which doesn't seem a lot but Tuesday when we visited we were only there and hour and by the end he was terribly over stimulated so we will all be learning some new strategies for calming Alec this week I think. His teacher is wonderful and I have such a good feeling about kindy, now all we need is the disability services people to get back to us so we know what type of programs we are eligible for.
Blogger Chris Millar said...
Big hugs Alli. What a tiring morning for you!
Hope your day has got better!

Blogger Lisa Pate said...
Alli, you are such an amazing mum. I can't imagine what you go through, but the love you have for your sons is so evident.



Blogger Regina said...
Alli you have my empathy!

I also wanted to ask you if you could recommend some good books on Autism? I have ordered a few different ones from Amazon, but I could never have too many IYKWIM?