Thursday, February 09, 2006
Milk and bread
that is what I am working for this week! Michael's pay day and it is gone already, sometimes I hate fortnightly pay. I will be glad when this horror run of bills is over with, this year I hope to get enough put away to pay the land and water rates, last year I only managed the water rates and had to take the 4 payment option with the land rates, it has thrown the budget out for months now, one more payment in April and it is done then.

On a hugely high note Michael has been/will be offered all 4 jobs he had interviews for, he is going to take the job as Principal Policy & Research Analyst, State / Commonwealth Relations, is that a job title and a 1/2! no wonder I can never remember what he does when people ask me. While this is a financial boon, it is only an 18 month secondment and at the end unless he can find another position he goes back to his substantive level 4 position! That would be a bit of a shock to the system as he has been an acting level 6 for 4 years now.

Scrapwise I have been making Michael an 8x8 album for Valentines Day, I won a goegeous brown suede one last year and it has been sitting empty, he has grumbled for ages that he doesn't have an album so I am trying to sneakily do it without him seeing it, when he came to bed last night I think he had peeked though because he asked me what I was scrapping!

Today it is kindy, grocery shopping, speech therapy nap and then viviting a friend in hospital, that should take me to about 5pm! Hope you have a good one.. I"m going to treat myself to a Mocha Truffle from Gloria Jeans as I do the shopping, Michael bought me home his take away cup he found while he was cleaning his office.
Blogger Carole Janson said...
Alli, budgets always blow out, enjoy your Mocha Truffle it sounds delightful, and I am sure come Valentines days your husband is going to love his suede album. You have reminded me I will have to make my husband a card.

Have a great day Alli