Thursday, February 09, 2006
Thanks for nothing
We received our long anticipated letter from Disability Services today, telling us what services they could provide for Alec.... and that was sweet stuff all. We have been placed on a waiting list for Midlred Creak which just happens to be 60km from us. I mean seriously have these people even looked at our address? you can't possibly tell me there is nothing north of the river in the way of services for autistc kids?

Michael is doing the calling and question asking I get way too emotional, I just need help so I can help Alec.

One fantastic thing today though... he has made a friend at kindy, his name is Jack and he will be 4 2 days before Alec. From the first day Jack and Alec played together. Thankfully so far Jack doesn't realise Alec is having a totally different conversation to him!
Blogger Carole Janson said...
Alli, they seem to make it hard all round. I hope things work out.

I am so pleased Alec made a friend called Jack. It sounds like he had a lovely day.

How did you go with your Mocha Truffle it sounded so delicious.

Alli, enjoy your day. (Try to fit some scrapping in, it always makes me feel so much better).