Friday, January 05, 2007
I've still got a secret
hehehehe... ok that's over with! So what has been happening?

I got my Donna Downey camera bag!!!! so so very gorgeous, pics soon

Went to Yanchep and Two Rocks yesterday little places 15 minutes up the coast, it was a bit rough on the ocean so we just watched, the boys played while we had an icecream at the lagoon then we found a great little restaurant in Two Rocks called Sea Salt, Michael was even more impressed as they had good coffee. Then last night we went to Lis and Ben's for dinner, really nice night, the boys love playing with Evaneline.

Now the bad news, my blood sugar levels are up, they were at 12 last night where they should have been around 6 and this morning I got a fasting reading of 6.5 where it should be under 5. I will have to do 3 days of full readings I also need to see the dr for my quarterly check up, my diabetes has been in great control until now, hoping it is just a matter of being more conscious of what goes in my mouth! I know I have eaten way way too many cadbury chocolate coated almonds for my own good!
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hi Alli, so sorry to hear about your sugar levels take care of yourself.

Wow!! a secret........... I am so excited for you!!

Best Wishes

Blogger Kell said...
I wonder is your secret like mine??

HOpe you can get your diabetes under control - I too find it hard to stay away from anything Cadburys!

Blogger Lauren said...
Oh please tell!!!!! Tease!

I know it's hard this time of year to watch what goes in. So much yummy food.

Have a great week.

Lauren x

Anonymous Aida Haron said...
Came by to say hello and sorry to read about your sugar levels, that must be tough.

We love, love Perth and anywhere else along the coast, so near to Singapore too !

Aida Haron