Wednesday, June 06, 2007
A committee of one, but not doing it alone!
I was asked who was on the committee for the crop day fundraiser and smiled and answered..Just me.. and while that is correct I in no way do this alone.

Leading up to the crop and on the day I have wonderful friends that help me with the cooking, who shop for me, print and distribute fliers, Ali, who picks me up, drives me around and does an amazing job on the day with selling the raffle tickets, Lissy who will be manning the crop shop and who has donated an amazing amount and helped get things ready, Sharon, who will be on the door and I know that people coming to the crop will get up and help too, so many people have said, if you need something done let me know and many have asked if they can bring something, this is an amazing community.

These are the people that make this a successful day, I am just the one that bosses them around and makes sure it all gets done.

I went and had another look at the room today, we are holding it at the North Beach Baptist Church, it is just fantastic, lots of room, I have to say a big thanks to our friendsDanelle and Andrew Hamilton of Upstream Communities, they are donating the room fee, thank you guys, that is such a wonderful thing, it means so much to us.
Blogger Jenny said...
ALI, of corse people want to help you out, you are the one that has organized every thing from the beginning.We all know not only was Rome not built in a day, it was not alone either!!! Yours L/o's below are great. Catch you soon Luv Jen xxx

Blogger Lissy said...
you are doing a SUPERB job too - and helping out is easy and my pleasure!