Friday, August 24, 2007
Creative Superhero
Stop what you are doing, run to Spotlight and a grab the August edition of Get Creative magazine and sit down and read all about... ME!! how gorgeous, this is long winded so listen carefully....

earlier this year the editor was over here in WA attending the Artistic Journey retreat, heard about our fundraising, tracked me down and asked if they could do an interview for their Creative Superhero section... a couple of phone calls and some emails later and there I am. I am just happy it highlights what we are doing and just for the truly curious my poor husbands name is Michael Carroll not Michael Paterson LMAO sorry honey! he grumbled something about seeing a lawyer so maybe he will change it to Paterson after all!
Blogger domestic goddess said...
how wonderful Alli - will have to get down and see it - such great validation for all the work you have done with the fundraising and the inspiration that you give to everyone elses creativity -

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Woo Hoo, good on you! I still haven't got to Spotlight to get my copy or did you buy them all out Alli!

Blogger Jenny said...
Well done Ali - You are inspirational and deserve all the publicity you get! the more the better I rekon!

Luv Jen xxx