Monday, August 13, 2007
Our one sucessful winter vegie... LEEKS, they cooked up beatifully and were just divine with roast chicken, pumpkin, potatoes and baked onions.. We watched E for Lissy Saturday night then they joined us for dinner. I'm enjoying getting out and catching up, it is as though the winter hibenation is almost over. I've stopped being stressed about my lack of layouts, I'm just happily doing the Daily Something
Blogger "Grendel" said...
Whaddya mean 'our one successful crop'?

It was the ONLY winter crop I planted and its stunning success means that we have had a totally successful winter cropping season!


The Lot

All Good


Blogger Alli said...
yes but only because we learnt from previous years plantings dear :)

Blogger Tara said...
mmmm, yum

Blogger Lissy said...
And I can vouch that it really was very yummy! I want to grow some too :)

Blogger Jenny said...
I think we are all the same at the moment when it comes to lay outs Ali, Not as many photos being taken as well because of crappy weather/lighting etc...

My kids have cabin fever as well I think, getting on each others nerves (and mine!).

Have a wonderful week

Luv Jen xxx

PS My preso is just marvy

Blogger KraftyKerilou said...
Leeks!! Yuck!! My brother loves them, though. They grow wild here, and he and our cousin used to go pick them and pickle them!! Whew!! Kerilou