Monday, July 30, 2007
An ipod in the wash
Isn't it boring when there is nothing to share, oh well you will just have to wait for what I have been doing. In between deadlines we had a life outside of suburbia! it was quiet amazing to get out and play with the big people.

Saturday we went to a tea tasting at the Dragon Tea House this was a lovely way to spend an hour or so, if you have a tea house near by see if they do this. I picked up some tea called Lady Lan, the nicest tea I have ever tasted

Then we joined Kamran and Louise for pre dinner drinks and soda bread and I met the gorgeous Ollie, I'm sure he would have come home with me if I had asked, such a cutie. Ollie is one of Kamran and Louise's Dachshunds. Then it was off to Dusit Thai for yummy food and lots of laughs

Then on Sunday I took some photo's of my neighbour Bec, 5 more weeks and we will have a new baby next door, i can't wait.

My last task of the day was washing Michael some clothes for work, the dryer was making an almighty great thump thump thump noise and upon investigation I found Micheal's ipod...oops

We are giving it 24 hours to dry out, here is hoping it survives.
Blogger "Grendel" said...
And if not there are always the refurbished ones from Apple.

Blogger Lissy said...
oh dear hope the ipod recovers!

Tea looks very intresting...maybe our next kid free outing could be ther....

Blogger Melissa Goodsell said...
That tea does look interesting!

Thanks for stopping by my blog too :O)