Sunday, January 06, 2008
Building a layout
so I had a free afternoon :) and this is the steps I took to do Donna Downey's latest sketch. This is the finished page, Donna had much cooler stamps than I do.. sniff sniff. I did use a bit of my grungeboard but I very cowardly just painted it, I didn't have any white crackle paint or I would have used that.

The first thing I do is select my photos and crop them to size. This is why I think I have loved Donna's sketches because she has stated the photo sizes so it becomes a bit of a no brainer which I like! Sometimes the less I have to plan and think the better, some days paper selection is hard enough.

So cup of tea in hand I select paper and embellishments, usually I change these several times but today I only changed the cardstock colour. After I cut the photos I lay them out to see how it will all look.

After I have laid out the photos I can see how much craft I need, mark off an extra bit for the tape and cut it. Tape it down and then measure off 30cm and trim it.

So once all the photos are down then I have used my note pad punch around the sides and some distress ink to rough it up a bit, then comes my little bit of journaling and adding a bit of ink to the grungeboard flourish.


bazzill cardstock
grungeboard flourish
ranger distress ink walnut stain
autumn leaves rub ons (it went on like butter! gorgeous)
notepad punch stampin up
white paint

all pretty straight forward, a blatant copy of Donna's but I love it, it was quick and easy and I was able to use lots of photos. You also get to see things I would usually avoid putting together let alone have anyone see and that would be


I hope you feel honoured (and weren't too frightened)
Blogger Lissy said...
The layout looks great you will always have to include photos sizes in your not tell me to

Thanks for coming ot visit and proiviging lunch (and tea!) I had a lovely day :) So did E :)