Sunday, December 23, 2007
who, what, where, when
like all of you, I have been busy with the lead up to Christmas, organising gifts, planning chrissy lunch, collecting rellies and such.

We collected our tree and did the decorating, Lis sent me flowers, you don't think that didn't bring a huge smile to my face.
This is a 16x8 canvas I did with some vintage christmas images I picked up from etsy, so cute and it looks great on a canvas.
Some of my chrissy ornaments, the boys love playing the jingle bell rock santa.
This is my tree, once again the photos are pretty average, I will keep working on them
I think this is my favourite ornament, it just makes me smile.
And this is my woodlands santa, he is so cool, I think he looks like what a Santa should look like.
Right this moment on the eve of Christmas eve I would love to just hand responsibility for Christmas lunch to someone else, it all seems a little too much right now but I know tomorrow when I start to prepare I will get in the mood more.

Here is my menu..

mum is bring smoked salmon and egg salad and some other anti pasta type things for starters, then we are having -
t-bone roast with gravy and Yorkshire puddings
cauliflower cheese
roast potatoes, pumpkin and glazed onions
brocolini with red peppers

plum pudding!
I hope you all have a lovely Christmas day!
Blogger Lissy said...
The flowers look nice which is great :)

And that is a great looking tree :)