Monday, December 31, 2007
Happy New Year
Only a few hours of the year to go, so many things left undone, atleast it feels that way. Lots of I wish i had done that, or how did i forget to do that.

it has been a good year though, Alec completed pre-primary getting two honour certificates on the way and finished up his 2 years of early intervention at the autism association, what has made my year has been his accomplishments. It was a good year.

Happy New Year My Friends
a safe, happy and peaceful time to you all
Blogger Kell said...
Happy New Year Alli! Hope it's a happy, healhty, prosperous one for you guys!

Blogger Jenny said...
Happy New Year Ali and Family xxx

Yay 2008 is here xxx

Blogger Lissy said...
Happy New Year my friend :) Here's to a good one :)

Anonymous Rach Wyndham said...
Happy New Year Alli!

Hope 2008 is a wonderful year for you.