Monday, January 21, 2008
Busselton Holiday:Day One
We set off from Perth at 9:30am and after a few stops we arrived a little after 2pm, the boys were so excited but this didn't stop them asking... "are we there yet???" 40 or so times each. The camp site was a perfect setting, the boys loved the playground and they had plenty of kids to play with, they had so much fun it was hard to get them to bed each night before 10pm, they played and played and played.

1. on the road, 2. the beach!, 3. calm, 4. clams, 5. water babies, 6. having a soak, 7. just glorious, 8. look I'm swimming, 9. jadye and Sam, 10. Riley, 11. Riley, 12. beached, 13. totally gorgeous, 14. our cabin, 15. a playground mum!, 16. camp grounds