Tuesday, February 05, 2008
it just occured to me
that for the first time in two years on a Tuesday during a school term I do not have to go anywhere! No pick up, no trip to the city for a therapy session, no two hour wait and then the mad scramble to pick everyone up and get home before the traffic. This is hard because centre sessions were my security blanket, no matter what therapy I did with Alec I always had the therapists there to chat with and make sure we weren't missing anything.

It looks like Alec is liking school so far, I know we are only two days in, the great thing is if it all goes pear shaped I know I can call the girls at the centre and they have organised a get together for all the grade ones in a few weeks time, it will be so good to see them.

So far this morning I have straightened the lounge, swept the floor, folded 2 loads of washing, hung out two loads of washing, made an apple crumble and washed the dishes, this is more than I get done on most days and it is only 11:30am!!
Blogger Tara said...
I'/ve just dropped my biggest little one off to his first session of 3yo kindy... it's wierd

Blogger Lissy said...
I know...strange isn't it...I don't have to get to school until 3 pm now instead of 12! cleaning....no...Let's do lunch!