Saturday, January 26, 2008
first school shoes

first school shoes, originally uploaded by Alli Paterson.

in 9 days Alec starts grade one. A bit exciting and a bit scary. Now we start to learn how to read and write, there will be new people, a new teacher, a new classroom. We have a social story book for him that I am going to print out today for him so we can start looking at it.

I am prepared for some unrest but I really think he will be just fine. Our pre-preparation has been constant so he knows what to expect, it doesn't always mean the way it happens is the way he has it planned out, that is when we have trouble, Alec is a huge forward planner.

Thankfully shoe shopping was easier than I thought it would be, every time I have told him we need to buy school shoes he has told me he doesn't need any so he wont be coming...

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
I wish my kids told me they didn't need school shoes to they wouldn't be coming shopping! I'm sure Alec will be fine once he is there and with some friends again.
Welcome back BTW!

Blogger Jenny said...
Ahhh I remember getting my boys cute little shoes like that! None of my boys are in Kids sizes anymore "sob" they grow up so fast, I have a fourteen year old who wears size 13 mens is 6ft 2" - and he is still growing!

You have your finger on the pulse Ali, so I am sure his first few days will go smoothly as can be.

Luv Jen xxx