Friday, February 01, 2008
last day of the holidays
I'm going to miss them, I've enjoyed the holidays and spending time with the boys, and seeing things like this. The boys have played all day.

this was supposed to be a candid shot but they were mesmerised by the light on the camera as the timer counted down.
And don't you love these, they had little groups scattered all over the floor along with a collection of dinosaurs pretending to be dragons.
Take a look at her, just sitting up there waiting for her knight in shining armour to come along and save her.
Anonymous linnao (twopeas) said...
That's so funny, that it is summer holidays where you are! Never really thought about that :-) Their plays look great! TFS and good luck for the new schoolyear!

Blogger jill said...
Great pics! Love the "candid" shot ;)

Blogger Lissy said...
yes holidays are nearly over :(

Anonymous Danelle said...
I've had so many people comment that they "can't wait until Monday when school goes back", but I'm with you. I love having them around and watching the play. We have so much fun!

Blogger :: gingerkitty :: said...
I am enjoying your photos!