Monday, February 23, 2009
20 kg lost!!!
That is 44lbs if you are still on imperial :)

I've had so much encouragement. A little girls grandma from Alec's class pulled me over today and told me how thrilled she was for me, it makes me smile I tell you, I need the encouragement, I am touched and amazed that people notice. Before this everything I did was to try and not be noticed, but I suppose due to my size that was a bit of an impossibility.

This last week I have learnt so much more about exercise and calories and how many of each you need. I am loving my walking and my walking partners Ali and Amanda have been encouraging and great company, I doubt I would walk 1/2 as far without them.

I wish I had a photo, I will get Michael to take some tonight and add them on here later. I am down to about 3 changes of clothes. Ali and I went clothes trying on on Saturday and I bought a pair of size 18 exercise pants!! the size 18 jeans were still a no go but I have about 8 more weeks until I need any jeans so that will be another 8 kg hopefully.

I am just encouraged by how I feel and how easier it is than I thought. It is still hard work I have to watch everything I eat, I am weighing everything otherwise I know how easy it is to eat too much. I am using to record my exercise and food intake. If I find over a month it works I think I will buy the software.

I'm one third of the way there, another 40kg (88lbs) to lose, but that looks so much better than 60kg (122lbs) to lose.
Anonymous Creative Junkie said...
Whoo hooo!! Congratulations!!

Blogger Lissy said...
YAAHOOOOOOOOOOO!! That is fabulous are doing great! Better than great in fact!!

Blogger Heather said...
That is AWESOME ALLI! Hooray for you!!!

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Well done Alli! It is hard isn't it - mentally hard - I'm stuck at 11kgs at the moment but still sticking to it as I know it will start coming off again very soon. Keep at it and soak up those compliments!