Friday, February 13, 2009
quality control
So I am wondering what we should expect as far as quality goes, and by quality I just don't mean by the finish or materials used I mean do they do what they say they do.

You see I have this huge issue with things that are sold as self adhesive drying up and giving up the ghost. This is all well and good if you know this is going to happen but lets face it, when we buy a product we assume it will do what is says.

I was looking for letters today to use on a layout and sadly 3 brands of self adhesive alphabets I have either have dried up and have no stick or have been found to stick.. initially, then have slipped off. As I look through my albums now I am finding some pages with a little puddle of letters at the bottom of the page protector.

The guilty parties ?

dried up and fallen off - Heidi Swapp chipboard alphabets

falling off pages - chip chatter by pressed petal

not sticking, falling off - just about all the american crafts thickers

To me this isn't quiet good enough, I now have a hoard of flawed product. I used some of the HS chipboard alphabets today, I glued them, but as I was gluing them I am wondering well will this be enough or will it fall off too, I started with some dimensional magic and moved over to craft glue... just to make sure. You know what though, I bought self adhesive letters so I could cut down on the mess glue makes when you stick letters down, but now if I don't use glue I am out of pocket a fair bit of money if I don't use them.

I am considering moving entirely over to letter stickers, while these are a great looking bunch of products they let us down and don't do what they say they will do.

And here is where I glued my self adhesive letters! another in my scraplift series... this is another Cathy Z interpretation

Blogger Gigga said...
I hear you!!!
It is another reason why I am considering buying a cricut, just so I can cut down on some of the useless letters I buy...

Blogger Sandra Collins said...
I too have looked through scrapbooks only to find letters at the bottom of the protectore - I can totally relate.

Blogger Lissy said...
it is very frustrating I agree...but I use them still and glue them as I like the look but you would think the quality could be improved! Great layout by the way :)

Blogger KarenSue said...
Yup, seems like there have been a few threads about this...

I only have American Crafts, and I still use them... I just like the look too much to give them up.

Blogger jillconyers said...
Heidi Swapp's self adhesive is a joke. So frustrating. Funny thing is...I would have bought the letters if they weren't self adhesive with no problem adding my own adhesive. Now, I don't buy them at all

Blogger suzitee said...
The Heidi Swapp ones are shockers, and I have to be honest...turned me right off her products for quite a while :(
I've had no problem with the AC far.
The worst thing about any letter sticker packs is that you just NEVER use them all up, so they keep growing and growing. I bought a Slice, and am hoping that will get me over my "letter sticker fetish" LOL.
Great LOs BTW...Cathy Z and Ali are two of my faves :)