Sunday, February 15, 2009
obsessive calorie counting day
My goal is one kilogram a week, sometimes that seems so hard that i wonder if I am doing something wrong. I am right on board for portion control so I know my quantities are ok, I was just wondering if the calorie count was too high.

I started out by working out what the calorie count per cup of soup I make was, then we baked some cookies from and they turned out to be 205 calories each. Then my favourite snack, a sao cracker with ham and a cheese slice came out at 165 calories.

Then on my search for a calorie worker outer I stumbled across this site called, so I joined up. I can now track what food I eat, the calories I burn exercising and how much water I drink. As I am walking twice today I wont use all my calories, if I eat everything I put in I will have consumed 1568 calories today and burnt 609 calories on 2 50 minute walks. I feel as though there is a lot of food on my list but i was pretty careful working out the calorie counts.. this is what I have down for today, I am really splashing out and having a glass of milo with my cracker snack.. and 3 snacks for the day!! if this works this week I will stick with it, it seems like too much food, I will drop a snack tomorrow as I will only be walking once.

BreakfastLoad Meal | Save MealCalskJ
(x) 1 scoop (60g) of Sustagen: Energy Drinks: Hospital Formula, All Flavours, dry228954
(x) 60 g of Fruit, fresh: Banana, raw, edible portion59246
(x) 200 mL of Dairy Farmers: Milk, fresh: Skim70296
Meal Total3571496
LunchLoad Meal | Save MealCalskJ
(x) 1 oz of Ham: Leg, lean, fresh32133
(x) 1 1 cup of turkey and spinach soup135564
(x) 1 30gr of bega supa slice97405
(x) 1 cracker (8.6g) of Arnott's: Crackers: Sao39163
Meal Total3031265
DinnerLoad Meal | Save MealCalskJ
(x) 1 1 cup of meatball soup2801170
Meal Total2801170
SnacksLoad Meal | Save MealCalskJ
(x) 1 1 of apricot cookie205857
(x) 1 bar (68g) of Nestle / Peters: Ice Cream Bars: Skinny Cow, Vanilla Chocolate, bar82340
(x) 1 cracker (8.6g) of Arnott's: Crackers: Sao39163
(x) 1 30gr of bega supa slice97405
(x) 1 cup (250mL) of Dairy Farmers: Milk, fresh: Skim88370
(x) 1 serving, 3 heaped teaspoons (15g) of Milo: Chocolate Powder: Original, dry63263
(x) 25 g of Ham: Leg, lean, fresh28117
(x) 25 g of Ham: Leg, lean, fresh28117
Meal Total6292632
Food TotalCalskJ
Day Total15696563
(x) 50 mins Walking 6 kph-304-1273
(x) 50 mins Walking 6 kph-304-1273
Exercise Total-609-2546
Blogger Kim said...
Alli you are on the right track!! you are doing so well and don't look at the weekly weight lose - hang out for the monthly weight lose (otherwise I am screwed cos I have just drunk a shit load of calories!!)
I am averaging 5kg a month - this is good - some weeks are more than others, but they are averaging out at 5kg a month ( so wish to hold onto that and then I am at goal in 6 months!!)
How is Michael doing?
Breakfast next weekend?

Blogger Lissy said...
You have done so well so far not suprising you are hitting a bit of a slump but with the excercise and watching what you eat as you are I am sure over the month as Kim says you will be loosing the amount you want...stick at it girl :) You are looking FABULOUS :) I am so proud of you :)

Anonymous Creative Junkie said...
you are incredibly disciplined!

If I only had a fraction of your will power, I wouldn't be struggling with the zipper on my jeans right about now.