Friday, January 16, 2009
some layouts from a while back.. and why I want my scanner back!!!!!!!
oh I desperately miss my scanner!!! I did these between Christmas and New year but as I suck at photographing layouts I have avoided them like the plague, but I HAD to do some today to email off so I sucked it up and did them all.

Of the four layouts three are done with Donna Downey's design #3 from her Designing Layouts book. I really wanted to scrap but wanted the hard bits taken out, like deciding on a layout. After I had done them I looked at the sketch again and realised they actually didn't have a border that it was the edge of the sketch, I must have had a vague moment, I'm prone to those. I think each one has come out pretty differently, and even then they wont be next to each other in the album so who will be able to tell :)

Blogger jillconyers said...
I avoided photographing layouts too until I figured out the trick...hang them on a wall. Now I prefer that to my scanner.

You used one of my favorite designs from DD'a book :)

Blogger Dana said...
love the layouts!!!!

Blogger Donna said...
These are gorgeous!

I think I'll have to go have a look for this book.

Blogger Lissy said...
Great pages - love the Christmas Tree one :)

Blogger Heather said...
Love all your layouts! The last one is my fave!