Monday, March 16, 2009
look at me look at me!!!!
I never thought I would yell those words from the roof tops but here I am!

As of today's weigh in I am 107.5kg (236lbs) and I have lost a total of 22.5kg (49.5lbs). Last week I got the results from my diabetes test and it was in the normal range, I still have to watch it because after exercise my blood sugar levels can take a bit of a dive and get too low. Speaking of exercise, can you believe it I have a sports related injury!!!! I am in a fair bit of pain, I think I have a groin injury from running up and down stairs, if it hasn't improved by Wednesday I might have to drag myself back to the doctor, limping is no fun and I really am missing walking.

See those clothes I'm wearing, well that is the last pair of pants that fit that I have and one of two shirts and a set of work out clothes, I am so reluctant to buy new clothes but I will have to eventually, I am looking a bit shabby.

A big thanks to Sharon for taking this photo for me and for Lis for emailing them to me :) . We were at Taylor's Studio in the Swan Valley for Lis' 40th birthday breakfast and I asked Shraon to take a picture. I did really well at brekky, I had bacon and eggs and I just ate the yolks and the soft bits of bacon, it was yummy and really nice being out and it was so nice seeing Lissy so happy.

On the creative front I have a couple of the photo projects I am working on almost ready to go, I just need 12 matching photo mats, you wouldn't believe how many different shades of white there are, I might get them to do me a cutom lot and I need a few frames for some things I want to put up and then I think it is time to print out some more photos and do some scrapbooking!
Blogger Kim said...
Holy Crap look at you!!!! Alli you look so so so fantastic!! Congratulations such a great job (and I am seriously going to have to stop drinking champagne to keep up with you!!!)
Just amazing and I hope that Michael is getting some great inspiration from you! WEll done

Blogger Mistra Hoolahan said...
Go Alli!!! Well done, you look sensational and great to hear you're feeling wonderful as well {aside from the sports related injury!!}

Blogger Lissy said...
Yes she is really looking amazing...skinny legs too which I am VERY envious of!!!lol And yes you will have to go shopping Alli :) And my birthday breakfast with my friend was great :)

Blogger Heather said...
You look great! Hooray for you!

Blogger Beach Gal said...
You, my dear, look AWESOME! I am so so so proud of you!!

Blogger Sharon Manning said...
Woo Hoo Alli! You are going great guns. Good on you. It was great to catch up on Saturday and I hope your injury gets better soon.

Anonymous Creative Junkie said...

I want a sports related injury! Turning my ankle on the way to the fridge doesn't count.

Blogger Gayle said...
WOWOWOW!!! Look at you! You look fabulous!
Haven't popped onto your blog for a while and so much has happened...hope your injury is getting better.